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Want Your Own Success Story?
Check This One Out!!!

Restaurant Placemats

Earn $6000 to $7500 Monthly From Home

Youve probably eaten in restaurants that use advertising placemats.
Perhaps youve wondered how these attractive placemats are produced. You
may have thought about cashing in on this lucrative and thriving
If You Only Knew How To Get Started!

You dont need to wait any longer. If you seriously want a home-based
business with tremendous profit potential, I will help. Ill show you
step-by-step how to start and run your own placemat advertising
business. This is a reputable and professional business opportunity for
people who want to earn a better income for themselves and their

Ive been in the printing and advertising businesses for many decades.
Many profound changes have occurred in these industries, but one thing
has not changed.

Business Firms Always Need New Customers!

Everyone agrees that business firms cannot continue to be viable
without attracting new customers for their products and services. And
the restaurant placemat business allows small businesses to target
their advertising budgets to the people they are trying to reach.

Several years ago, I retired from the high stress printing business. I
launched a new career providing restaurants with FREE placemats and
take-home menus.
I initially offered only paper placemats. But several restaurant owners
began inquiring about laminated placemats. I decided to research this
option, and soon most of my orders were for laminated placemats. This
proved to be even more profitable than paper placemats. You will
receive full details about this in the manual.

2 Color Paper Placemat (11 x 15.5)

2 color Tray Liner (10 X 14)

Laminated Placemats (11 x 15.5)

Take Home Menus (11 x 17 folded to 4.25 x 11)


The placemat advertising business is based upon the same principle that
has made companies such as Val Pak and Money Mailer successful.
All advertisers share the expenses, and all receive the same restaurant
I no longer do personal ad sales. Instead, Im focused entirely on
helping other people to succeed in this business. Ive written a manual
that I call A Practical Guide to Placemat Advertising. This
comprehensive training program provides everything you need to start
and succeed in this business. Its not a bunch of useless baloney! Its
based upon my own experiences of several years in running this
business. You can benefit from my learning curve.
The principle is very simple. You will provide restaurants with FREE
placemats and menus. Local advertisers want to reach the restaurants
customers. Each business pays a very affordable fee, and receives
exposure in that restaurant for several months. You set your own ad
rates (but the manual provides pricing guidelines for you).
This business is NOT a franchise. All of the profit is yours to keep.
You will answer to no one except to yourself. You will provide much
needed services to members of your business community, and receive the
due rewards of your labor.
This business is NOT difficult to learn. You will simply make calls on
small business owners in your community. Most of your personal effort
will be in the areas of sales and business management, unless you
choose to do your own graphic design work.
You are NEVER left to fend for yourself. I offer one-year free
consultation to everyone who buys the manual. Just a quick email, and I
will answer any questions you have. If you prefer, just email me your
telephone number, and well discuss your business in a casual phone
conversation. I will be your unpaid consultant on staff but not on
Providing restaurants with placemats and menus is an exciting business.
Once you are established in your community, business owners will
actually call you, sometimes while they are dining in the restaurants.
Ive received numerous calls from business owners while they were having
their meals.
On one occasion, a real estate broker called from a restaurant and
asked for an appointment. He bought two ads immediately, and many more
ads through the years. He also introduced me to his business card
exchange group, and many of the other members bought ads.
Following are a few important benefits to consider regarding the
placemat advertising business:
You can realistically earn $6000 to $7500 or more monthly
Very low start-up costs
Almost zero competition
Easy business to learn
Gender neutral men and women are equally successful
You can work full or part time
Excellent family business
Program is tax deductible (see your tax advisor)
You can work from your own home
You are your own boss
No evening or weekend work
A very highly respected industry
Unlimited no-charge consultation for one full year

It doesnt matter where you live. This program works as well in small
communities as in large cities. Wherever there are restaurants and
small businesses, theres an urgent need for your services. This is a
low-cost and effective method of advertising for every small business.

Some of the questions answered in this manual:

How much does it cost to get started?
How do I select the right name for my company?
How soon can I expect to start making money?
Do I need printed contracts? What kind of contracts?
What types of businesses should I call on?
What types of businesses should I never call on?
How much should I charge for the ads?
Can I sell ads for more than one restaurant at the same time?
How can I find the right and printer?
Paper or plastic?
For how long should my placemat program run?
What about trivia, puzzles, or games on the menus?
Should the placemats be printed on both sides of the paper?
Can I expand this business into other areas of advertising?
Should I hire salespeople?
Should I allow competing ads?

These and many other issues are covered in depth in A Practical Guide
to Placemat Advertising. This comprehensive manual contains everything
you need to get started in this business. You will even have scripts
you can use when calling on restaurants and business owners. Nothing is
left to guesswork.

Table of Contents
1. A Personal Message
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Before You Get Started
5. Do You Need a Lawyer?
6. Your Accountant
7. Your Banking Partner
8. Selecting Your Company Name
9. Business Supplies
10.Your Target Market
11. Now Lets Get Started
12. Start Up Costs
13. Signing Up Restaurants
14. Selling Ads to Business Firms 15. Pricing Your Ads
16. Paper or Plastic?
17. Collecting Your Money
18. Do You Need Employees?
19. Creating Your Ads
20. Printing Your Placemats
21. Renewals
22. Take Home Menus
23. Questions & Answers
24. Restaurant Contract
25. Advertisers Contract
26. Suggested Trivia Questions
27. Restaurant Referral Letter
28. A Final Word

This program will jump-start your business, and enable you to make
money from the beginning. Everything is explained in easily understood
language. From selecting a name for your business to making calls to
printing to delivering your placemats to collecting your money its all
clearly spelled out for you!

You may ask if you really need this program to start your own placemat
business. Clearly, the answer is that you can succeed as I did, by
simply jumping in and learning as you go. But with A Practical Guide to
Placemat Advertising, you will avoid some of the pitfalls that I
encountered. I didnt have a manual when I started, because there were
none to be purchased.

My manual will help you to get started much easier. You will benefit
from my learning curve. You will also receive the contracts that I have
been using for several years. You will simply remove my companys name
and address, and replace them with your own!

Heres What You Will Receive
* A Comprehensive Training Manual
* Sample Restaurant Contract
* Sample Advertiser Contract
* Sample Restaurant Referral Letter
* List of Trivia Questions
* Question & Answer Section
* Unlimited FREE Consulting for One Year
* Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!
(Or your money returned!)

One other thing I might mention. Once youve purchased your placemat
program, theres nothing else that you can buy from me. I dont send
follow-up letters, trying to get you to send for updates or to buy
other products. I really wish you to succeed, as have so many other
people who have started their businesses after reading the manual.

Order today, and your business will be up and running in just a few
days. And dont forget that the program is tax deductible.

My Guarantee to You

If you are not satisfied with this program for any reason, I will
refund your money. You are not required to return it. Just let me know
that you feel it is not as advertised, and I will refund the full
amount of your purchase.

Order Today, and be in business tomorrow.

Only $39.00

Payments are made through Clickbank

I also accept personal checks, money orders, or PayPal.

James West, 5000 Owls Nest Drive, Imperial, MO 63052

A Practical Guide to Placemat Advertising .only $39.00
Email: placemats@charter

Sell this ebook and keep the profits
Earnings and Income Disclaimer
We make every effort to ensure that our products and those of our
affiliated partners are accurately represented. All earnings estimates
are what others and we have done. There are no guarantees, explicit or
implied, that you will earn the same level of income. Your income may
be higher or lower than the examples that are cited.
Your results may vary based upon your commitment, your experience, and
your aptitude for running a business. Your success depends upon
circumstances beyond our control, including your attention to detail,
your drive to succeed, and other intangibles.
The use of this product should be based upon your own due diligence.
You agree that we are not responsible for your success or failure that
is related to the purchase of this product.

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